Safeguard the availability of water and reduce consumption

Our Vision and Ambitions

Unlike many other countries in the world, the Netherlands does not face a long-term water shortage. But that is no reason to waste water! Grolsch has decided to further reduce its use of water, with an ambitious target! In 2020 we want to further reduce the volume of water used to produce each hectolitre beer to 3.0 hl water/hl beer. Our water comsumption was 4.6 hl water per hl beer in 2008 and this has already been reduced to 3.35 hl water per hl beer in 2015.

Our Activities
At Grolsch we are currently undertaking a variety of initiatives and activities to reduce water consumption:

  • Biological water purification removes 80% to 85% of pollution from waste water;
  • The biogas released from water purification covers 17% to 19% of our gas needs;
  • Water conservation projects related to use of rinsing machines, crate washers and tunnel pasteurisers;
  • An annual benchmark assessing water use by companies has placed us in the top 30% of firms;
  • Encouraging employees to make careful use of water.

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