Grolsch Craftmanship Fund

Grolsch Craftmanship is Mastery Fund


For 2015 the application period is closed. Information about which projects were awarded will be announced mid-October. New applications for 2016 are possible from January 1, 2016.

To mark the occasion of our 400th anniversary, Grolsch has created the Grolsch Craftsmanship is Mastery Fund. The purpose of the fund is to promote 'craftsmanship' in the broadest sense of the word in the regions of Twente and the Achterhoek, where the brewery was born. With this fund, Grolsch hopes to emphasise its regional roots. Each year, the fund will finance initiatives to promote economic growth and social cohesiveness in the region. Grolsch places a high value on character and entrepreneurship on the one hand, and innovation and sustainability on the other.


Criteria: from innovative to sustainable
In principle, anyone can apply for a Grolsch Craftsmanship is Mastery Fund grant, as long as the project and/or initiative takes place within the region and focuses on craftsmanship. All initiatives will be evaluated by a professional jury based on four criteria: entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability and character.


At the start of each year, the Grolsch Craftsmanship is Mastery Fund jury will evaluate all of the applications that have been received. Since this year is a special anniversary, and the Fund has only recently been founded, applications will be accepted until the end of June. During a special evening in October, the jury will then announce which projects and/or initiatives will receive a grant from the fund. Click here for the application form.