Encourage responsible alcohol consumption

Our Vision and Ambitions

The enjoyment of alcoholic drinks is a centuries-old part of our culture. For the vast majority of our customers, beer is an innocent pleasure that helps make their lives more pleasurable. And we would like it to stay that way.

Naturally, selling beer is Grolsch's core business, and we aim to sell as much as possible. However, at the same time we also want to remain vigilant about the potential harmful effects of irresponsible alcohol consumption, particularly amongst young people. Parents and guardians have an essential role to play in this respect. Nevertheless, at Grolsch we need to live up to our responsibility, as our role is to provide thorough and accurate information and to behave in a responsible manner.

Grolsch is a strong advocate of self-regulation and enforcement. We believe that banning alcohol advertising, raising duties on beer and introducing legal restrictions on the availability of alcoholic drinks are not the best way to combat alcohol abuse. Instead, only an approach that focuses on the target group can ensure that those beer lovers who drink moderately and responsibly can continue to do so in future.

Our Activities
Grolsch participates in a variety of initiatives intended to combat alcohol abuse and promotes a number of activities specifically aimed at encouraging responsible drinking:

  • Support for the campaign: 'Not a drop till you turn 18!';
  • Support for the designated driver campaign to combat drink-driving;
  • Support for the age-limit/ID campaign of CBL, the Dutch association of food & drink retailers, requiring under-20s who buy alcohol in supermarkets to show their ID;
  • Assessment of all commercial advertisements by an internal committee to check compliance with the National Advertising Code for Alcoholic Drinks;
  • Participation in debates with municipalities, local politicians etc;
  • Support for regional initiatives, e.g. HappyFris to combat alcohol abuse by youngsters;
  • Training for employees to establish the right mindset, increase their knowledge and play the role of ambassador;
  • Grolsch alcohol guidelines for employees.

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