Our Vision and Ambitions

We want to be admired for what we do and who we are.
Grolsch is famous throughout the world, but we are more than just a beer brand. We are a multifaceted, energetic company that can look back with pride on a fascinating past.

But we can also look forward to a future full of challenges in which - as part of Asahi - we can work towards achieving further success. We brew Grolsch with an abundance of passion, craftsmanship and dedication. We want to be admired for what we do, for the high quality of the beer that we brew, and for the masterly manner in which we operate.

We believe in beer and above all in Grolsch!
We believe in the drink that we know everything about: beer. Our beer is made using two unique ingredients, tradition and innovation, and drawing on almost 400 years of experience. And if that experience has taught us anything, it's that innovation needs to be a continuous process. We brew and package our top-quality beer in one of the most modern breweries in the world, where hi-tech and high-taste go hand in hand. We believe firmly in cherishing the best of the past (our iconic swing-top bottle is an obvious example) while embracing the best that the present has to offer. The result is beer so delicious that you have to taste it to believe it!

We make the difference.
We are, in every sense, a remarkable business that relies on remarkable people. And those people are our main asset. Thanks to their unparalleled passion and commitment, skilled use of technology and unrivalled knowledge of the beer brewing process, we are a unique company. And that uniqueness is the foundation on which we have built our success. We have our own vision of the world in general and of beer in particular. Taken together with the rich variety of beers that we offer, the strong Grolsch brand and our co-operation with customers and suppliers, it helps distinguish us from the competition. We offer consumers greater choice and the opportunity to drink the beer that suits them best. This gives beer drinkers all the more reason to choose Grolsch and to remain loyal to that choice.

We follow our own path.
We have always been different from everyone else. Generation after generation, we have followed our own path and done things differently. It's not about being stubborn; it's about wanting to brew, package and distribute beer better than everyone else. We are enterprising and inventive, relishing new challenges and excelling in terms of the quality of our methods and products. We know that we don't operate in a vacuum and that co-operation makes us more successful. At all times, we live up to our responsibilities and demonstrate our engagement with everything that affects us and the world around us. We are Grolsch.

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