Grolsch Living History Exhibition

Come with us to the attic of a farmhouse somewhere in the Achterhoek countryside. From top to bottom, every available centimetre is occupied by Grolsch bottles, beer mats, tap accessories, posters, glasses, signs. You name it, it's here. This is the extensive and impressive collection of Mr Jan Bannink. He was a fervent collector of Grolsch articles and a former board member of the Grolsch Collectors' Guild.

Above the entrance to the brewery, Grolsch has set up an exhibition space that acts as a permanent home for Mr Bannink's collection. Over more than 25 years, Mr Bannink gathered together an impressive collection of Grolsch articles. Because the brewer considers it so important to ensure that its history is accessible and remains that way, the exhibition is open to the public.

The Grolsch Living History Exhibition is open to the public during office hours from Monday to Friday. Entry is free of charge. For more information call +31(0)53 483 32 90.

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